The Rise Of The Winter Wedding

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Christmas doesn’t have to be the only thing to look forward to when those early evenings start drawing in, it’s a fantastic time to host a wedding. When dreaming of wedding days most couples, mainly bride’s, see a glorious summers day, blazing sunshine, outdoor ceremonies and long light evenings. However, there are several reasons why I believe that a winter wedding can be even better than a summer one.

Winter Wedding Cold Weather Preparation

If you choose to get married in between November and February you won’t be deciding on a venue that needs a wet weather plan, because quite frankly, it’s almost certainly going to be wet. This means that you already know exactly what will be happening with your guests and where they will be at all times.

You won’t need to send an usher to sweep the grounds for your great auntie that decided to wander off. The other bonus is that low-light (if you can get outside for a few minutes) makes for better photos. No one wants to be squinting as the photographer tries to get their shots and bright light ruins photos.

The other bonus to not needing the weather, no one will be sweaty. As much as this is slightly gross to talk about, most wedding dresses are heavy and thick and wearing them for 12 hours on a sweltering summers day does not make for a blushing bride, the same goes for everyone in a full suit. We also haven’t even touched on the fact that the hot sun and alcohol do not mix. Give me indoors and an ambient temperature any day of the week!

Winter Wedding Food Ideas

This one links quite closely to the weather aspect as well, when it’s hot, most people don’t want to eat, and when you have spent months agonising over your menus, 80% of your guests not tucking in is devastating.

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​The colder weather also brings out the heartier and more decadent food, whilst beef wellington works in July, it becomes even more savoured in December.

​The colder weather also brings out some really interesting cocktail choices as well as Winter Pimm’s and Mulled Wine which can be lovely touches to a winter wedding.

Popular Winter Wedding Table Decorations

Not only can you jump onto the Christmas bandwagon, but decorations become more interesting and more affordable. Especially if you are getting married after Christmas you can really add so many different aspects in regard to décor that would be incredibly expensive in the Spring and Summer months.

​This is also the time, if you are doing a DIY wedding to stock pile on fairy lights, especially when they are on sale. This time of year also brings with it deep sumptuous colours and lots of metallics which always brings a real sense of luxury to any event.

Winter Wedding Reception Ideas

This one again, links to the weather as well. As mentioned, with a winter wedding you know exactly where your guests will be at most times. As you will predominantly be inside, I feel that this also helps with the party atmosphere. You don’t lose guests outside to a balmy summers evening, they are more likely to be throwing shapes on the dance floor all night long. It really helps to keep the atmosphere as exciting as possible as you are all kept together, and it makes for some better evening pictures and is less likely to mean that guests miss the evening food! 

Choosing a Winter wedding can also open up lots of offers with venues as this is normally their low season, if you choose a winter month (not including December) most venues will be happy to negotiate a hire price with you, meaning you can usually get a lot more for your money. You also have a better chance of having all of your nearest and dearest there. With the best will in the world most Summer months revolve around a summer holiday and people book these so far in advance they often have to say no to invites, and what a way to make the month of January more exciting, the prospect of a big winter wedding!

If you are interested in holding your wedding day in the winter months, give Bayley a call to discuss your plans. We love organising a winter celebration. 01865 818166 or email 

Happy planning! 

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